Sunday, April 11, 2010

Andre Ethier Runs Away from Bad Start

While Miss Jill and I were in Arizona two weeks ago, we went to a minor league baseball game. The Dodgers were playing the Cincinnati Reds at the Reds' ballpark in Goodyear, which is about 10 miles from her parents' home. That made it quite easy for us to go see the Blue play. And with a small stadium of only 5,000+ of your closest friends, all the better. Just remember to duck on those foul balls. This isn't like Dodger Stadium where (unless you spend a whole bunch of money) you sit far from the field and never worry about getting smacked by a foul ball. The Dodgers won that game but that obviously has not foreshadowed the start of the regular season as the Blue have started at a 2-4 clip. The relief pitching has exploded in the past two games, giving away probable victories against a mediocre squad. And Andre Ethier, pictured to the left, has been hurt for the last few days. Hopefully he will be better for the start of the regular season. But for now, run Ethier. Run far far away!

Of course if you have any free tickets to the Dodgers, Miss Jill and I would be happy to take any tickets that you may have. I guess we really should work on expanding this blog so more than two or three of the regulars read this. That's alright.

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