Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ancient Picture Resurfaces from John's Past

Going through the archives of scanned photographs, Mister John found one of his Loyola '89 buddies. Raffi Kartalian is to the left, Chris Grunewald is to the right, and Siddhartha Olmedo is crouched below. Sidd and Raffi both went to UCLA while Chris graduated from UCSD. Not pictured is Alfredo Forero who may or may not have been leading a KIIS-FM insurrection against his home country of Colombia.

Mister John seems quite thin. This must be right before the ten year reunion in 1999. Yikes, the 20-year reunion has also passed. Raffi and John went to that one. Less people, and they were all older. Well, yeah.

Do note Connie was in deep hibernation in another room at this point. She first followed Mister John home back in 1991. So long ago. But she never talks about her age.

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