Sunday, July 11, 2010

Phillip Celebrates Spain's First World Cup Title

It was a raucus afternoon at the Erb household because Spain was in the World Cup final for the very first time. This of course means that Phillip, the Spanish rabbit prince, was ears up and ready to watch the action. For much of the first half, Phillip was nervous and just hopped about and spent some time in the back yard sitting under the orange tree wondering if the victory would come to fruition after all.

The second half was even more harrowing as the kicks went back and forth and still neither team managed to knock in a goal. The increasing amount of Dutch yellow cards barely assuaged his anxiety throughout the half. He kept hopping about thinking about those penalty kicks in the end. That's like judging a rabbit on his ability to run or hop and not how to coordinate a hutch. Water dish here, potty tray over there, potpourri near the back wall.

As the game went into the extra time (overtime as Mister John calls it), Phillip hopped into the bedroom to watch it with Mister John. The only problem was that Cherry Bugg was already in there and she clearly neither appreciates nor understands the "beautiful game." She, much like her Bugg kindred, think that soccer is a waste of great amounts of edible grass. So she tried to attack him but Phillip adeptly jumped up to the bed and stayed with Mr. John for the rest of the game.

To the rabbit prince's great satisfaction, Spain pulled it out with only a few minutes left before penalty kicks. "Viva Espana," he exclaimed before finally retiring to the back yard for the evening. He quietly prayed for his dear late wife Princess Jane and then sipped a sangria (with a carrot chaser) to relax for the rest of the evening.

Such is life at Chez Erb on some Sundays...

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