Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cherry Bugg Does Not Know Swahili

A slight problem has surface as Miss Jill and Mister John were thinking about adopting a rabbit from another country. Such international adoptions have been on the rise over the years. And with such notable and high-profile international bunny adoptions by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it seems to be all the rage now. That's great and all but it makes it really difficult for the normal bunny loving family to adopt from outside the country.

Furthering the problems, the Chez Erb rabbits do not speak Swahili. While they all naturally speak "rabbit" (or for those who don't know, Thumpish), they do not know the local dialects of eastern Africa. Poor ol' Zabunja (pictured here) knows very little English and even less Thumpish which might prove difficult in adjusting to American rabbit life. Phillip, of course, speaks fluent Spanish (European Spanish of course, none of this Latin American Thumpish as he calls it) but not even he knows French or German.

The most well-versed of all the rabbits regarding language would be Root Beer Bugg but as we all know, he is spending much of his life overseas competing in jumping competition. Root Beer Bugg was greatly inspired by his Uncle Olaf who is pictured here. He was the first rabbit to win the EuroBunny championship in consecutive years. He personally trained Root Beer Bugg and while has done well, he has rarely visited home. Mama Bugg is ok with it as she has had many children who have hopped off without giving any return respect to their mother. Anyway, Root Beer is fluent in over six languages but sadly knows nothing about Swahili. Poor Zabunja may never get adopted to the United States. But there is always hope.

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