Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chill Day for Ruby Jane

Sometimes she hops inside (like here), sometimes she hops outside. Life is simple when it is broken down into prepositions. Inside, outside, up, down, around.

We all need to live life a little more like Ruby Jane. Life can be so busy and troublesome. Just think: inside or outside.

Sometimes it can be broken down into verbs: eat or sleep. With Mister John starting a short-term vacation tomorrow, he will think of things in verb form as well. Eat, sleep, read. Alas, for Mr. John, aka Coach Erb, he needs to read (not only Paradise Lost) a ton of Decathlon material in the next few days before he and Miss Jill are swept away to Louisiana. Ruby Jane, on the other paw, will stay behind.

What Ruby Jane does NOT know is that there are plans for building her a new cage this weekend. Yes, a new cage for the Bugg sisters!!! Cherry Bugg will be so jealous yet ultimately indignant. Chip will be oblivious.

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