Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summertime for the TV Turtle

While Miss Jill and Mister John are out and about, the televisions at home are left to Theodore Victory Turtle, aka TV Turtle. He's in charge of the remote controls and snaps at any person or rabbit who tries to usurp his power. TV Turtle originally followed Miss Jill into her Pasadena condo and kept an eye on the remote there. He's quite a wise animal to have as remotes tend to get lost and it is better to have someone whose sole purpose is to keep an eye on it. Everyone knows that Chee Bugg would bite it or Clifford "The Bunny Stopper" might fall asleep but TV Turtle will always keep his focus.

TV Turtle does like watching shows about fish. And if Miss Jill or Mister John has fish for dinner, he definitely wants his portion. He's been known to hop up to either person in the middle of the night and smell their fish breath. Kinda creepy, maybe but dude's gotta have his fish! Always a good reminder to brush every night.

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