Thursday, July 1, 2010

Phillip Prepares for World Cup Quarterfinal

As to be expected, Prince Phillip is ecstatic about his Spanish soccer team advancing to the quarterfinals. He fully expects them to take down the lowly peasants of Paraguay.

He was initially upset that Sports Illustrated picked Spain to win the World Cup this year. He learned from Mister John that any time SI picks you for anything, you're destined to fail. Do note that back in 1995, SI did pick UCLA to win the basketball title that year and they did.

Phillip was a bit peeved last summer when Spain lost to the U.S. (of all teams!) in a tournament. He was ridiculed by the rest of the rabbits in the backyard even though they know nothing about soccer (other than it's on a tasty green pitch). His dear beloved Jane consoled him though. She was always there for him. Such a great princess.

Needless to say, Phillip (who is usually quite a hand's off sort of guy) will be sitting inside with Mister John during the quarterfinal game on Saturday morning.

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