Monday, July 5, 2010

Root Beer Float Spends Time Pondering Existence in the Tub

Due to her bizarre eating habits, Root Beer Float felt a little ill last week and needed cleaning. The only solution for her was the tub after a good washing of her fur. She had only received one bath before this -- a good thing to note because she and her sister Ruby Jane groom each other quite well -- so she was a little apprehensive (to put it lightly) about taking a bath. After giving Mister John a bath as well with all the splashing, she finally settled down and relaxed. She later spent some thinking time in the bath wondering all the key questions in the world. Why do bad things happen to good rabbits? Why don't they let us out more? What would happen if the world ran out of carrots? And... what's on the other side of that gate? Is there another world out there? What is the matrix?

But after a few minutes of that, she hopped out of the tub, escaped Mister John's grasp and ran about the house, running here and there, and dripping water onto the tile floor which upset Miss Jill. That of course made Root Beer Float chuckle as Miss Jill does not feed her and then gets upset when she tracks water about in the house. But as soon as she was trying to figure out if that action was either symbolic or ironic, Mister John grabbed her and put her in a towel and dried her off. She suddenly felt loved and happy and those questions went away.

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