Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chip Only Wishes to Say Hello to Phillip

On a calm warm but comfortable Saturday afternoon, the boy Chip (right) hopped out onto the back yard grass to surmise the situation. He liked what he saw as there was no Root Beer Float to pick on him. There was a Cherry Bugg but typically she hops over to him to show dominance and he hops away. It's a bit embarrassing for him but he understands the rabbit hierarchy in the back yard. Or does he?

As he sat out there and pondered his existence, the Spanish rabbit prince Phillip (left) hopped by. Typically they're not out at the same time because two male rabbits of clearly different social strata should not be out in the backyard. However due to a quirk of fate (scheduling error, solar eclipse, door left open, time vortex), they were both out in the back yard enjoying a calming afternoon of sunshine, airplane noise, and tasty grass. Conflict? Hopfully not but who knows.

Unfortunately for Chip, disaster struck as he confronted Phillip to say hello. First of all, Phillip doesn't use English (or Thumpish) as his first language but rather Spanish. And Chip should have known to at least greet the great prince with a worthy show of respect. He did not. So as the picture to the left thus shows, Phillip chases Chip around the patio to show his displeasure at what just happened. Poor Chip just wanted to have a bit of fresh new conversation. Chip doesn't get to talk to other rabbits much since he stays inside every night.

In Chip's mind, this is what should have happened.

Chip: "Why, hello there?"
Phillip: "Hola, como esta?"
Chip: "I am well. How about the lovely weather today."
Phillip: "Hace color."
Chip: "Why, it sure is. I would like to eat some grass today. How about you?"
Phillip: "Si, vamanos."
Chip: "OK."

And off they would go to eat grass and tell manly tales of rabbitness. Alas, as the picture on the right shows, Phillip bit Chip on the butt to remind Chip of the rabbit pecking order in the back yard. I guess bites on the butt transcend any language, except maybe Thumpish.

In another twist, Mister John just stood back and watched it all happen like some sort of a Wild Kingdom narrator. He stood there idly by the tower fence (as we now call it) and watched it all happen. Of course there was also Miss Jill with the camera. If anyone is to blame for the vulgar display of power (guessing not many Pantera fans read this blog, if any), it must be her. Her taking pictures of this rabbit melee is akin to paying off bum fights. OK, maybe not.

In other related news, it really looks like Mister John needs a haircut. Or them all cut! Ha! That was so funny.

No one truly appreciates the humour of the bloggers of the world. Oh well, such it is.

The day passed on without further conflict.

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