Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Jill and Mister John Find Artifact That Reminds Them That They Are Married

While cleaning out the purple room this morning, Miss Jill came across a large plate from their wedding night. They originally created the artwork in the middle at a Pottery Barn (or something like that). She and Mister John had this plate signed by all of those who attended their wedding way back on November 18, 2006. Yes, so long ago.

As you can see from the picture, Miss Jill is on the left with the white dress and blond hair (if that were Mister John, then there would be problems). Of course on the right is Mister John with his tux and nice white bow tie. Just beneath Jill is Princess Jane (rest in peace, oh beloved bunny) with her precious "Grrr." Meanwhile Cherry Bugg is near Mister John as she claims that she wants some cake. It was quite a delicious cake (others still rant about the tri-tip). In an odd twist, Mister Jill and Mister John still have some frozen wedding cake in the freezer which they bust out for anniversaries and other odd days (Saint Swithin's Day?).

So if you click on it and look around, you may be able to see your name in there somewhere. If not, maybe you weren't invited! Now what's up with that?

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