Saturday, July 10, 2010

Root Beer Float Didn't Mean to Go Potty on Mister John Twice Today

Currently Root Beer Float is trapped in a cage in the bedroom after going potty on Mister John for the second time in 90 minutes. He picked her up from her cage earlier as he was going to get some food for her and her sister Ruby Jane. Alas, the potty train started rolling.

Later in the afternoon, Mister John unwisely brought her indoors while Miss Jill was watching Gilmore Girls. She went potty on the cover and his UCLA t-shirt (2009-10 Den shirt). Two shirts in one day. Miss Jill thinks that Mister John needs practice in case he wants to be a dad. That means if a child of his goes on him, he'll lock the child in a cage for a few hours with a cage and a bowl of water. Sounds like something the parenting books might not agree with.

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