Saturday, July 3, 2010

Phillip Watches the Second Half with the Animals

This afternoon Phillip, Mister John, and the Animals sat on the bed and watched the second half of the Spain/Paraguay soccer match. Phillip was quite happy with the result as Spain won, 1-0, but not without some scary moments. When the Spanish team fouled a Paraguayan in the penalty box, he thumped loudly which scared the Animals. TV Turtle almost snapped at Papa Bugg do to that surprise. Clifford silently rooted for Paraguay because they wore red but was happy to see Phillip bounce about after the game ended.

Phillip rarely spends time in the bedroom as he tends to be more of a solitary individual. But Mister John wants to make sure that he, still a widower of eight months, mingles with other animals. He does get along well enough with Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane.

Luckily Connie has retired into hibernation. I have a good feeling when UCLA football starts in September, Connie will be back in full growl ready to rassle anyone.

As for Phillip, he shall sleep well tonight. At least until the semifinal against Germany.

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